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We know the biggest thing stopping people from moving into a Tinyhome is finding the right piece of land to put it on.

Thats why we are always on the lookout  for different spots around NZ, aiming to bring more dreams to life by actively promoting landshare options to not only Tinyhome owners, but landowners too.


Looking to buy but don't have the land?
We have spaces available in Wellington!

Buy a Solanto Tiny & Land package - not only will we find the land, we'll transport and set it all up on site,ready for you to move in. We'll also pay for your own slice of paradise for 12months!! 
Ts & Cs apply.

Put your Land to work.

We all know the housing market in NZ can be hard, thats why more and more Kiwis are choosing to trade in their big Mortages for the Tinyhome lifestyle.

Have an empty section or space you think would be suitable for a tinyhome?
We'd love to help you fill it.


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